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Unsolicited Customer Comments...

"You are doing a marvelous job and we are glad you are our Webmaster."
— Gary Allmon, and Gary II, The Carousel Box

"Our new Web site is absolutely fantastic. It's wonderful, beautiful, and you did a phenomenal job. Words cannot express what we have in our hearts of appreciation for your work. Thank you for all you do." — Arnold Sexton, New Vision Trio

"It is great having you work our Web site for us. You do a super job! We are blessed to have you." — Rhonda Bray, 1 Voice Ministries

"You are doing a great job for us. You have my highest referral rating." — Dr. Calvin Ray Evans, President & Director of Evangelistic Outreach, Inc.

"Your incredible artistic abilities serve you well. The Lord has truly blessed you with a gift, and I trust that you will use this gift to help other ministries reach their fullest potential. I would be more than happy to recommend your services." — Richard Tingley II, Coral Ridge Ministries

"Everyone needs to be told that they do good work, but you are the exception; Great! I can't say thank you enough for all the effort and great work you have done for our ministries. You are a person that will do the extra things to make it better; you are the Best!" — Arnold Sexton, President, KYOVA Gospel Music Association

"Thank you for all that you have done for Woman at the Well Ministries. We have been truly blessed in our work with you and are so thankful for your commitment to Christ, your professionalism and talent, and your care for us. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with eDesign and Hosting" — Erika Hammar-Klose, Webmaster

"You and your company are a first class operation. Your control panel is perfect for our needs. You are certainly setting new standards for other companies to attain." — Tony Craft, Webmaster

"I am thrilled to be working with eDesign. I moved my first site to eDesign and Hosting with zero downtime and wonderful customer service. I loved the working relationship so much; I have since added six additional sites with the same professionalism each time. If you want smart, quality, dependable, Christian service with your hosting or Web site development company, then eDesign is your best choice! ***** Rating." — Mike Nelson, Webmaster

"I'm very proud of your work. Everything looks professional and it gets results." — Kenneth Bolen, Old Central City Association

"You do a wonderful job with the design and you are always available to assist with any changes we may need. I highly recommend eDesign for anyone who is thinking of starting a Web site. In our opinion, it is one of the best advertising tools we have used." — Scott Perry, Market Manger, Central City Market

"Thank you for your professionalism, your conscientiousness, but most of all, your Christian conduct. God keep you." — Dr. Ray Guarendi, Ph.D.

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