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If you design your own Web site...

Typically those who design their own Web site and want us to register their domain name and host their Web site, that is publish it to the Internet, want to know two things: features and price. Those are legitimate questions that need to be asked and answered. However, let us just say upfront that eDesign and Hosting, Inc. isn't all about the lowest price, but instead all about dependability, quality, and service, including e-mail and phone tech support. Therefore, our pricing reflects what it takes to backup what we say, what we do, and what we say that we will provide.

As for domain name registration, we are an authorized reseller for Bulk Register. When you order your domain name, we promptly register it for one year so as to reserve it for you, but do so under our name. Once we receive your payment, we then extend the registration to the amount of years for which you paid, be that two-years, five-years or 10. (Rates per year decrease as you register for longer periods of time.) Also, upon receipt of your payment, we change the ownership of the domain name over to you. Private registration is recommended for new domain names. Also known as domain protection, this is included by default, unless declined at the time of ordering.

Our customers choose us because we offer domain name registration and flexible Web hosting plans backed by service. Benefit from the custom Web site design, hosting solutions and support we provide.

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