eDesign and Hosting, Inc.: Roger Roppel, Webmaster - Huntington, WV (304) 529-3808

Custom Design...

eDesign has various design styles. We will be glad to custom tailor our design to what you want. Let's talk and see if we have a match between what you want, and what we can provide for you. When you call us, ask that we share examples of our Web site design with you.

We develop a custom designed Web site with a tailored financial investment. Our goal is for both of us to be mutually pleased with our end product, and at all times feel that we are being fair with each other. The uniqueness we bring to Web site designing is an artistic talent, creative writing skills and more than a decade of hosting experience.

Web site designing is dynamic, meaning that our service continues as updates are needed. We also freely share our knowledge about Web site designing with those who design their own Web sites, but host them with eDesign and Hosting, Inc.

Let us design a Web site for you that will validate your business, ministry or organization. You see, a Web site tells the world that you are here to stay. Customers, members and supporters now "check you out" online before coming to you. Therefore we want to help you make a good first impression, and a Web site that provides ongoing service through building a custom designed Web site for your business, ministry or organization.

Need more information? Call us at 304-529-3808 (Eastern Time).