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Vision Statement: It is the vision of eDesign and Hosting, Inc. to help locally owned businesses grow, prosper and serve their community. Then, it is our vision to help churches and other ministries to take the Gospel to the entire English-speaking world through the Internet.

"I think the Internet is where FM radio and television was years ago," states Dr. Calvin Ray Evans of Evangelistic Outreach Ministries. "It will be the ultimate tool to reach the world with the Gospel."

Mission Statement:  Working together with the business community, we are upholding professionalism and service. In addition, we are demonstrating a caring attitude toward fellow businessmen and women. Also, working with churches and other ministries, we are reaching the world for Christ. It is through the Internet that we now go "into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15)."

The Difference: Courtesy, integrity and service set us apart. We are among the few Internet companies that promptly and personally answer customer e-mails, answers and return each phone call from every customers. eDesign is a service oriented company. Therefore we seek to develop a warm, credible and professional relationship with our customers. Many have become our friends.

Web Site Design: We develop a custom designed Web site with a tailored financial investment. Our goal is for the customer and us to be mutually pleased with our end product and at all times feel that we are being fair with each other. The uniqueness we bring to Web site designing is an artistic talent and creative writing skills. Web site designing is dynamic, meaning that our service continues as updates are needed. We also freely share our knowledge about Web site designing with those who design their own Web sites, but host them with us.

Need more information? Call us at 304-529-3808 (Eastern Time).

eDesign and Hosting, Inc.

eDesign and Hosting, Inc. Webmaster, Roger RoppeleDesign and Hosting, Inc. began March 6, 2001. We became incorporated in the state of West Virginia on October 9, 2002. Roger Roppel, Webmaster for eDesign and Hosting, Inc. is a VIP Lifetime Member of the:

Roger Roppel of eDesign and Hosting, Inc. is a lifetime member of Prestige International Who's Who Registries of Outstanding Professionals